My name is

Attila Vago

and I build websites. The way you want them.


A Few Things About Me

Webmaster, junior web developer, network professional, IT support technician qualified in web technologies CISCO technologies, networking and digital electronics with experience in computing, web administration, SEO, web development and design, telecommunications and Quality Assurance. Graduate of the Cisco Academy, as Cisco Certified Network Associate; holder of Cambridge CPE Certificate in English.

Sociable, hard-working and punctual person with a developed team-spirit. Kind person with a calm and understanding behaviour. Likes teaching others but also continuously learning to become a better person both socially and professionally.


Got my artist webpage up and running in less time than expected. Really pleased with the results.
Irina Popa
Absolutely professional and reliable. Full of innovative ideas. I'm in love with my website!
Cristina Stan

What I Do

  • Web Design

    Whether it's done in Photoshop, Gimp or using popular frameworks for prototyping, it ends up being stylish and exactly the way you want and need it.
  • Webmastering

    Years of experience in webmastering and managing web content for both low and high-traffic - up to 1 million monthly visits - websites and web-portals.
  • Graphic design

    Banners, wallpapers, posters, stationery, you name it. The usual things, really. Anything from simple to fancy.
  • Web Development

    From scratch, or templates. In notepad, Dreamweaver, Muse or Wordpress, using all the tools available to get you online as quick as possible.


What I'm good at

Graphic Design

Since 2005

That's when I discovered Gimp and Photoshop. First a hobby, then after years of experience I ended up using them almost on a daily basis, learning techniques, and perfecting the ones I already knew by using various tools on the side.

Web Design

Since 2007

First a 300 pages book about HTML, then CSS, then courses of both, followed by JavaScript, jQuery, Php, python and lately Ruby for Ruby on Rails. Worked for various clients as consultant, admin, designer and developer.

Other Skills

Since 2005

Some of my skills like Cisco, HTML, SEO, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and many others can be checked out on my Smarterer profile as well.


    HTML / CSS / jQuery 90%

    Photoshop / Gimp 80%

    Php / Python / Ruby / ROR 60%

    Dreamweaver / Muse 95%

    JavaScript 75%



Now that you know what I do, and what I'm good at, you can ask about details, consultation, check my availability for hiring me. Regardless of what you need, be that a new website, tuning up your old one, creating an admin platform for your static website so that it would become dynamic, or just some help, feel free to use the form. I promise you'll get a quick response! :)